A bit of a gap in progress…


For the past month(s) or so, I haven’t been editing anything much, mostly due to JoeGlens having some issues with (real)life, and me being too lazy to find another project because I’ve started tertiary studies to become a Graphics Designer 😀

Hopefully, I plan to rid myself of this non-productive attitude of mine and find another translation project to work on while JoeGlens sorts everything out.


I’m Finally Employed!

Is what I want to say, but this is entirely voluntary on my part. JoeGlens was kind enough to adopt a stray editor like me, and has given unto me the task of editing Parallel World Pharmacy, and Otherworld Nation Founder!

Hopefully, I’ll be able to stick around for a while this time, so drop by and say hi 😀
Also, to help support Joe’s TL works, please turn off adblock for his site, as it only contains non-obtrusive and non-sexual ads. Every little bit of support helps!

An Unfortunate Turn of Events

Unfortunately, my first project as an editor was untimely cut short, as the author of the novel that was being translated didn’t seem to want his work to be translated.

Reply to Daike1234, who was the project lead:

“You posted it onto the internet without asking for permission, didn’t you.
Shouldn’t you be asking for permission first, before posting it?
How could I give permission to a person who does something so selfish?
I’m sorry. I can’t give you permission.
This is my maiden work.
There are plenty of other works better than mine.
Please translate somebody else’s work.”

So, today marks the end of the line for our little project. Hopefully I will be able to find another one to join soon. 😦

The translated chapters of Another World’s Savior will still be available here.